Easter Weekend at Stonehaven

Make Easter a happy Weekend for your Whole Family!

At Stonehaven on Vaal you can:

  • Treat the children to a complimentary Easter Egg Huns on Easter Friday, Sunday and Monday (starts at 11am).
  • Treat your family to an Easter Cruising Breakfast, Luncheon or Dinner Buffet – a real treat aboard Gauteng’s most luxurious cruiser.
  • Or what about something light to eat on land and then a 55-minute casual Cruise?
  • Children can enjoy an All-Day Complimentary activities day which includes plate painting and face fainting.
  • Your children can thrive on the slip slide, trampoline, inflatables, tree houses, sand pit, table tennis and pool if the weather is good.
  • Lots of dining options on land too … Stonehaven freshly baked Hot Cross Buns, breakfasts, light snacks, hearty lunches and dinners.

Go on … treat your Family this Easter.

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