The Royal Stonehaven


“The Royal Stonehaven” is an upmarket, classic Cruiser that takes up to 45 passengers. The enclosed bottom deck has large sliding windows, music/PA system, conference facilities, 3 ladies/gents, alongside mooring facilities, open top deck with sun loungers and a Jacuzzi.It is priced on a perperson rate.

Our Rates are:

R148.50p/p for a 1-hour Cruise; R218.90p/p for a 2-hour Cruise and R269.50p/p for a 3-hour cruise.

Any additional hour over 3-hours is a set rate of R2365.00 (Minimum payment is for 15 passengers).

The three well-presented ladies and gents toilets. These are normal flush toilets (not chemical). They flush into a contained area in the hull. The contents there in are then pumped out on land into a normal waste system.

The top deck is open to maximize the birding and sunbathing features. There is a 6-person Jacuzzi and sun loungers on this deck. The Royal Stonehaven has alongside mooring facilities for speedboats & jet skis should you wish to ski or Jet Ski during your River Cruise.

The Vaal Cruise and cuisine offered is perfectly designed to impress overseas visiting business people, tourist and VIP’s.
Unique Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions are also a feature on board.
Conferences are offered too, with full audiovisual facilities including a proxima.
Corporate Marine Dining and personal celebrations are perfect to celebrate on The Royal Stonehaven.
Birding on the Vaal River is a treat with over 200 species of birds. The Royal Stonehaven’s top deck provides a perfect elevated vantage point to do some serious birding from.

Download a printable Stonehaven Cruisers Flyer with Rates

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