Small vs Large Conference Venues

If a business is thinking about hosting a conference or a similar type of business event, one of the most important decisions it will face will be in choosing the right venue for the event. Possible factors may include the number of possible attendees as well as the budget available, although one of the biggest factors involved will be in deciding on the venue’s size – will they be needing a small or a large conference venue? What difference will it make?

A business hosting an event might want to consider a small conference venue if:

  • They want their conference to have an intimate feel.
  • On the face of it, a small conference venue may look inferior to a much larger venue, but it really depends on what you do with the space. While an especially large venue may be able to house more people, a smaller venue will provide a more intimate atmosphere – a large seminar group perhaps, rather than a lecture or a presentation. Depending on the topic of the conference and the agenda for the day, a small, intimate venue may be perfect for your needs.
  • They want their conference to give an air of exclusivity.
  • Similar to the above, a small conference venue will offer exclusivity – only so many people have been invited and there’s room only for so many to be there. If it’s a very important topic, it can help people to feel honoured and very special, that they are lucky enough to be in attendance.
  • However, be careful not to choose too small a conference venue for your needs. You do not want your attendees feeling crammed in and claustrophobic.

Alternatively, a business hosting an event might want to consider a large conference venue if:

  • They want to impress their attendees.
  • No doubt about it, a large venue can be very impressive. A business throwing a conference in a large venue will look like they know exactly how to wow and look after their attendees. In addition, if they are potential clients or customers, it could be a great way to cement new business relationships with them.
  • They have a lot of people coming.
  • Obviously, a big factor in choosing a venue’s size can simply come down to the number of people expected to be there. If you want to invite as many people as possible then you will have to book a venue for your needs. It will be embarrassing if you choose too large a space, which isn’t fully occupied by your attendees.

Selecting a Conference Centre

Finding a conference centre for your event is a really enjoyable part of the process. Choosing the right place is a vital aspect of the whole event. Finding the right venue can be the difference between you holding a mediocre event and an event that will live long in the memory of your delegates.

Without exception conferences should inform, engage and inspire the delegates that attend them and the right venue can provide atmosphere that is conducive to this. This does not mean that your conference has to be held in an incredible stately home for it to have the most benefit. It means that the event venue needs to suit the type of event you wish to hold. For example if you were to find an incredible stately home for your conference but that your conference required thousands of people to visit it then it is unlikely to be suitable. Therefore, if you are looking for a conference centre and are keen to find somewhere that is suitable for your specific needs then make sure you consider the following.

Size of Event

The size of the event is probably the most important consideration when you are trying to pick a suitable venue. If you want a venue for an event that will accommodate a thousand delegates then you will obviously be limited in your choices. Alternatively if you know that you will only be having a few delegates and would like an intimate venue then there is no point in looking at venues that are designed for thousands of people to attend.

The other main thing to remember in relation to the size of the event is that if you are having a trade show you are likely to need a large venue that has the capacity of housing a large number of people at their own stalls. Also consider the large number of people that will attend the event for a shorter amount of time. This means you should look for a dedicated venue that has the capacity to incorporate a large number of people that attend an event for a short period of time. Ideally it should have a natural through way so that people visiting the event can walk through the event rather than being forced into a bottle neck. So be sure that the layout of the venue suits what you want to use it for.


The location of the event is another crucial aspect to consider. The main consideration you need to make is in regards to the number of people that you want to attend and the transport infrastructure that supplies your event. For example if you want thousands of people to attend on a day basis you will probably do well to locate your conference centre near a highway in Gauteng.

Good Conference Centre Facilities

Organising conferences is not as simple as it was in past years. It needs a lot of considerations rather than reserving a large hall with a projector. Factors like location, number of attendees, paraphernalia facilities and accommodations are very crucial. Selecting a conference centre according to your conference agenda can make a great difference to your event.

Conference centres create the impression of the agenda of the conference on the shareholders and attendees of the conference. The staff facilities and the arrangement of conferences in the conference centres contribute towards making the conference successful.

A quality of conference centre must have flawless management staff, soundproof system, catering service, lightening, good customer care, audio/visual facilities, and internet connection. The conference venue must be spacious enough to house a large number of delegates. The satisfaction of the delegates is important for you to achieve the envisioned outcome of the conference. You must also consider that the conference hall must not be too large, or too small, as it may create negative impact on your business delegates.

An important factor, which cannot be ignored while making a choice about conference centre, is the budget. Conference centres are usually categorised as budget, prestige, and premium conference centres. Factors like outlook, arrangements, superiority, and services of the conference centres vary according to the price. You can also look for special and festival deals and packages by the conference centre management. If the conference venue is beyond your conference budget, you can also negotiate on the price.

The conference centre must be easily accessible by means of road so that all the delegates can make it on time. Other than this, electrical equipment also plays a significant role in making your conference a success. The requirements of electrical equipment vary according to the agenda of the conference. You must check the audio/visual, furniture, and bathroom arrangements and ambience of the hall, before booking it.

If you are organising international conferences, then you must ensure that the conference centres have a network of high-quality video conferencing services, so that you can gain access across the globe and share the agenda of the conference with your delegates all over the world. Video conferencing enables you to link to your business delegates around the world.

Always choose amenities which are effective and useful for your conference. Check if the conference centre provides high-speed internet, LCD projectors, multimedia, telephone services, and appropriate sound systems. If they do provide this, then personally check the functioning of equipment. You can also evaluate your decision by comparing websites and brochures of different conference centres in your area.

Many of the contemporary conference centres have accredited staffs, which provide exceptional arrangements for making your conference a success. Assess the services of the management staff. The conference staff must be cooperative enough to provide things in the nick of time. If the staff is active, efficient and supportive – your conference should run smoothly. Plan every minute detail deliberately for achieving your goals from the conference.