Choosing Music for a New Year’s Eve Party

A popular option for providing music at your New Years Eve Party is to hire a DJ to perform at the party. DJs are a good choice because they usually play a wide variety of music and have mastered the art of reading the audience and determining which types of music will appeal to them. Encouraging audience participation is another benefit to hiring a DJ. Noise ordinances should also be considered by the DJ. The DJ you decide on need to sign contract to ensure he will comply with various regulations.

There is a cheap way of providing music for your New Years Eve party; be your own DJ or ask one of your friends to DJ the party if you have the correct equipment. An extensive CD collection is another requirement if you want to go this route; simply set the CD changer to play randomly. Changing the CDs throughout the night will keep the music fresh throughout the party. Another unique idea is to ask each guest to bring a few of their own CDs to the party. This way each guest can take turns playing DJ for a short amount of time. This is a fun way to provide music for your guests and will definitely ensure that each guest will hear some music they enjoy during the party.

Hiring a band is another option how music can be provided for a New Years Eve party. However, there are some considerations which should be thought over carefully before deciding to hire a band. One such consideration is the amount of space required for the band to set up and subsequently perform. As with the DJ, noise ordinances should also be considered when hiring a band for a New Year Eve party. Another consideration with a band is whether or not they will appeal to the majority of your guests.

A further option for providing some music during your New Years Eve party is to set up a satellite radio system and attach it to speakers. By setting the satellite to station featuring upbeat dance music you can enjoy the New Years Ever party.

Renting a karaoke machine is another inexpensive option for providing musical entertainment for your New Years Eve party. This way guests will provide their own entertainment throughout the night. If your guests are willing to participate, karaoke can be a great deal of fun. Songs can even be along the specific theme for the New Years Even party.

Planning Great Team Building Events

If you have decided to have a team building for your group in order to improve their co-operation and effectiveness, then your next step is to start planning. To ensure that your event is successful it is imperative that you plan carefully, and enlist the help of a professional if you feel that this type of event planning is outside of your skill level.

Here are some areas to focus on when planning team building events:


While it is obviously easiest to host your team building event in your office, there are certain advantages of having the activity take place elsewhere. For one, you will find that your employees are more engaged in the activity, as they can’t be distracted by e-mails, phone calls, or clients. Being away from work also helps employees relax and may make it easier for them to step outside their normal comfort zone in order to discover new roles.

Message / Lesson

Just having a team building event isn’t of much use if you don’t have a specific goal to focus on. Leadership, co-operation, synergy, productivity, and team work are all great team building ideas that you can incorporate into your activity. Additionally, if you have any corporate-level messages that you want to reinforce it can also be brought into the event. If you are considering incorporating multiple messages it may be wise to hire professional help to ensure you don’t send conflicting messages.


How you deliver your message is almost as important as the message itself. Luckily there are tons of fun and creative ideas for team building events. Scavenger hunts, amazing race events, sports days, climbing, painting, trivia, building or problem challenges, there is no shortage of great events to choose from – just ensure that it conveys the message you are trying to reinforce.


If your activity is going to be part of a larger conference, then you will have to consider when the event is going to take place. Usually the start or end of a conference is the best time for team building events, but if you have a multi-day conference you may want to have the activity during the middle or end of a particularly lecture-heavy day, in order to re-energize the group. Some events are also perfect for before or during dinner events, and can add more of a party atmosphere.

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to properly plan team building events – otherwise you may find all your work is for nothing. If you need help, get it, as you will get much more value out of the final product – engaged and co-operative employees.

Rules for Planning a Business Event

  • Clearly Know the Goal of the Event
    This is to have a reference point and to know whether the event was a success in the end, or not. Remember just like having a finished picture and specific outcome for business plan, the same rules apply to even the smallest business event.
  • Make sure your chosen venue is an appropriate backdrop for your event.
    This may affect you in the future because people will talk and your reputation is at stake. The last thing you want is negative word of mouth saying that your event was unprofessional and unenjoyable due to the location. Be certain and don’t forget that appearance is automatic branding and a mental picture relates strongly to an association. So, you’ve got to look good.
  • Know who your target attendees are.
    There are various reasons you must know this information intricately. It is very important because once you know who you would like to come, you can conceive all sorts of ways to locate and inform your audience of your function. Knowing this also makes it easier to not be so general regarding your invitation status. If you don’t intend to invite the entire free world, know your target.
  • Be sensible and realistic about the date and time.
    You must take into account whether or not the time and date for your event is convenient for your attendees. You might get this done by considering how important the event would be to your audience as well as what their general schedules might be. For example; is the event during work hours,lunch, after work, before the work day, or over the weekend?
  • Have a foolproof way for attendees to register and contact you.
    This can include and online registration service, a contact e-mail, a contact phone number, or a physical location or locations to purchase tickets. This will not only help you to assess a head count before the event, but help people to better understand all of the details involved. It can also improve your attendance rate because you have interactive-personable communication taking place. Trust these golden rules to make your business event professional, pleasant, and easily accessible for people. These are tried and true and found to be very practical. Follow them and then your ultimate succes will be more likely and the results far more satisfying.

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