Hospitality Award


With the month of the Soccer World Cup almost on our doorstep, many companies are dreading the loss in productivity over that time period when employees will want to take time off to watch the games and the possible conflict this can cause.

Well there is one company that feels you can capitalize on this once in a lifetime SA event by turning a negativer into a positive. And that is swapping your Year End Function this year for a Mid-Year Function that incorporates the football theme and watching one of the games. This can be done either at Stonehaven on Vaal’s private Fan Park or in a private venue at Stonehaven which are situated 45-minutes from Jo’burg right on the banks of the Vaal River.

Stonehaven’s Director, Rosemary Anderson says, “Companies will be losing productivity over 11 June to 11 July anyway – so it would be opportune to piggy-back off the festive atmosphere and have your very own Football Mid-Year Party this year instead of a Party at the end of the year, where companies often struggle to find dates that suit everyone and venues tend to be more expensive too. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for companies to do this and it will boost staff morale knowing they have something fun to look forward to during the traditional sluggish winter months. You can also use this as an incentive to encourage your staff to reach targets you have set.

“Stonehaven is offering packages from R41.75 per guest upwards, something for every budget. You can opt to have a private venue decorated in a Football theme or even choose one or multiple team themes you might prefer. There are also menus celebrating the different teams’ cuisine as well as menus that combine the best cuisine from the different countries playing – so there are lots of options. You might prefer just to join in the general vibe at Stonehaven’s private Fan Park that will be on for the whole month – or you might elect to have a private venue to be decorated in theme – that is part of the celebration of the month”

Stonehaven already has the flags flying of the two teams that are based in our area, namely the Swiss who are staying at Emerald Casino and the Ivory Coast who are based at Riverside Hotel.

“Even if you are not that into football, this is a sporting event that most countries in the world would do just about anything to host and we are not likely to ever have this opportunity again – so we plan to totally embrace it and have as much fun as possible learning about the teams and having a competition where you can win prizes for guessing the outcome of games and who will eventually win the World Cup.”

It will also be school and university holidays, so within the Fan Park, Stonehaven will be having “Sport, Art and Soccer Camps” for children to keep them safely and productively occupied with lots of fun action from 8am – 5pm (Monday – Friday), while their parents are at work. The cost will be R125.00 per child per day, which includes 2 meals, 2 snacks, beverages, entertainment and a cruise. There is also a half day package of R70.00 per child. Booking essential.

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