How to Decorate Your Function

When holding a function it is important to choose the right venue and setting as you will often have to make a compromise due to budget or other constraints, but there are ways of creating a personalized setting perfect for your needs. You can decorate a function room to suit the event however you please.

The primary factor in deciding how you might decorate a function room is what kind of function you are hosting. If it is a wedding then the necessities are fairly obvious it’s just the theme that needs deciding. For any other kind of event the factors may be different.

If it is a corporate function you will want to reflect your company in the way you decorate the room, hopefully you will be able to choose a venue that offers something appropriate but if not there are plenty of things to consider. Use the company colour scheme where appropriate in table covers, floral arrangements or lighting if possible.

Make sure your brand is very visible, have banners and stands made with your logo, motto and company name in every place possible. You really want guests to identify with your company from the moment they step through the door.

Large areas of coloured sheets are a good way to cover up any un-aesthetic areas of your function room i.e. storage cupboards or pipes. This also allows you to continue your colour scheme whilst making the room more attractive.

Floral arrangements are attractive and can be designed in a way to suit your image and the message you are trying to convey. You could also invest in an ice sculpture, it can be carved in the shape of your logo or company name and they are relatively cheap, these work particularly well at night when lit.

The Key to Hosting Corporate New Year Events

One thing that is true for everyone in life is the fact that familiarity can lead to boredom. Therefore, if you are planning to host corporate New Year events you will need to look out for the new venues every year which are different and unique.

Fortunately today, there are a number of venues coming up to serve the need for good locations that can be used to host these big events. With the availability of these venues and a little planning and forethought, you can look forward to hosting a totally memorable event.

To begin with, you can start by:

Planning Ahead

It helps the purpose if you plan ahead for any function or event. There is a peak time in the year when most corporates plan their annual event. So, if you do not want to face any disappointment go ahead and book the venue in advance so that you get what you want.

However, if you have delayed the process, then do not despair. To narrow down the search, decide what is that you are actually looking for. Thus, you will know what you want and this will help you to find the perfect venue.

What is the Event you are hosting

The type of event that you are planning to host will finally help you decide what the type of venue that you want is. For instance if you are hosting an intimate business meeting, then you will need a different venue than what is required for a full scale award hosting ceremony.

Decide what the event is, the purpose of the event and what you look forward to achieve from it. Whether you are hosting small exhibitions, large exhibitions, Christmas parties, company fun days, product launches, AGM’s, dinner dances, they all need a different treatment.

No matter what the occasion is, ensure that you do not take your employees to the same venue every time.

Determine the Size of Gathering

It is important to decide about the number of people that you expect to attend the function. It is no point booking a huge auditorium if you are only expecting few people for the same. In the same way, it will not be appropriate to book a small hall for a big delegation.

If you are not sure about the number of guests expected then you can opt for venues which have flexible capacity.

Location and Parking Facility

Book a venue that is easily accessible and has adequate signs posted to guide the way. Is it well connected with public transportation and does it have sufficient car parking?


While booking your venue, keep the budget in mind. After all, it will all boil down to budget and affordability.

Do not forget that there are extras which need to be taken care of like lighting and equipment, data projectors etc. Also find out about the rates on offer as you could reduce your bills considerably in these aspects.

Negotiating a Contract with Your Venue

You’re certain to have a million details to consider when planning an important event like a wedding, large party or corporate event. One of your first decisions is likely to be determining the venue where the event will be held. This decision is critical to the rest of your event planning, so you’re likely to want to get it out of the way early on. However, in your haste to choose and book a venue, don’t neglect the details.

It’s critical that you appropriately negotiate the contract with the venue, so that you understand all of the details of the contract and so that you can ensure that there are no surprises. Some of the items we recommend you discuss with your venue coordinator before agreeing to a contract include:

  • Facility area to be used – If you are not renting the facility in its entirety, it’s important to understand which areas your event will utilize.
  • For example, will your guests share bathrooms with the guests of another event?
  • Where will your guests park? Will a valet be provided for parking? Does the venue have disabled access?
  • How will the room be set up? Can you make changes to the set up?
  • Will your guests share a bar with the guests of another event?

It’s very important to understand how other events being held at the facility during the same timeframe will impact your guests. If necessary, you might negotiate being moved to a different area of the facility in order to make your event more private. In addition, you should ask about the room set up.

  • Deposit and payment requirements – Most likely, your venue will require a deposit in order to hold the facility for your date. A few venues may ask for payment in full up front, but we don’t recommend that you pay this way. While it’s expected that you would pay some monies in advance, if you pay the entire fee up front, then you have little or no leverage with the vendor if you are unsatisfied with your event.
  • Cancellation Policies – It’s important to understand the venue’s cancellation policy.
  • If you cancel your event entirely, will you lose your deposit?
  • What if you simply want to reschedule the event?
  • What are the venue’s policies if they have to cancel your event due to unforeseen circumstances like storm or water damage?
  • Will they locate a new venue for you?
  • Many venues will work with you, particularly if you want to reschedule the event rather than cancel it altogether, but it’s important to have this discussion up front.
  • Staffing Levels – Negotiate with your venue up front about the level of staffing you’ll be assigned. It’s important that you feel comfortable that enough staff will be dedicated to your event to keep your guests well taken care of and your area tidy. If your event will share staff with another event, you should be alerted to this up front.
  • Attendee Numbers – Be certain that your contract contains the number of attendees your event is expected to support. Of course, you may list this in a range on the initial contract, but it’s important that you’ve spelled out how many attendees are expected.
  • Full Price Disclosure – Many venues have optional extras that are not included in the original price you’ve be quoted for the use of the facility. Some of the items we recommend you ask about specifically include:
    • Wait Staff
    • Linen
    • Dinnerware and Glassware
    • Parking with or without valet
    • Supplies for business meetings like audio visual equipment, note pads, water and mints
    • Set up and clean up charges

The venue you choose and the amenities they offer your guests are a critical part of a successful event. Be certain to take the time to fully negotiate your contract with your venue coordinator to ensure that your event is everything you’ve expected.