The Birthday Party for Kids Check List

Planning a birthday party for kids is not always as easy as it sounds. Although you may assume that a party intended for adults would be much harder, there are many things that must be considered when planning an event for children. Make sure you have everything covered using this handy check list. The first thing to remember is to leave enough time to ensure all planning is done and everything is in order. Start early so you can enjoy stress free birthday party planning.

  • Scheduling
    Have you decided on a date and time for the party? This obviously must be determined before invitations can be mailed out. However, it is also important you are sure you have chosen a time that works with your schedule. If you will need time off work to prepare or enjoy the party, request it before setting the date in stone. That way, if there are any problems that do not permit time off, you still have an opportunity to choose a different date before invitations go out.
  • The Invitation
    Many stores sell invitations specifically intended for a birthday party for kids. Whether you buy premade invitations or make your own is up to you. If you plan to design your own invitation, make sure all the vital details are included. These are the location of the party, time and date, as well as RSVP information. If there are any details party goers must know, such as bring a swim suit or have parents come with a dish to share, then make sure these are noted as well.
  • Party Supplies
    A birthday party for kids does not have to follow a set schedule. You can plan a dinner or lunch gathering, or something in between that doesn’t include an actual meal. Which you choose will help determine what party supplies are needed. Make sure you have ample cups, plates and plastic silverware to go around and then some. Remember, children may accidentally spill or throw away some items so having extras is important.
  • The Party Area
    You most likely have a designated party area decided. This will be where most of the activity goes on and where the guests should remain for the duration of the party. Before the event, make sure these boundaries are understood by your child. This understanding is vital to ensuring a smoothly run event. Also try to block off any areas you do not want guests to go.
  • RSVPs
    When planning a birthday party for kids, make sure you keep a written tally of the guests who have RSVP’d. The closer to the big day it gets, the harder it will be come to keep track of who has contacted you and who has not. By keeping a record, you can easily monitor and know who you have yet to hear from. A headcount is important when purchasing refreshments, so keep the RSVP list easily accessible.

Party Themes for Kids

Fish Party

Start with fish shaped invitations placed in small plastic bottles. The birthday cake could be in the shape of a blue whale or even a ship will do. For party food, have a bowl full of blue raspberry Jell-O with gummy fishes placed all over the place. Fried golden fish crackers, tuna fish sandwiches, or small grilled fish snack bites, with blue coloured drinks will add to the fish party theme. The games can include guessing games, or paring games using sea objects such as sea shells, different coloured plastic fishes, fake pearls, packet of beach sand, etc. Guessing games will include two teams, from which one kid at a time will try to define the sea object to his team. The paring game can be played in pairs where each team will have to find and pair up with coordinating sea objects.

Lion King Party

The Lion King birthday party theme requires one to plan a jungle party. It could be done outdoors if one has a garden, or indoors decorated with complete fake trees and a few animals (Pumbaa, Timon, Simba, etc) lurking around. One can find all these decorations at party supply stores. Send out invitations in cuts out of all Lion King characters. Party food can include animal crackers, fried animal shaped cutlets, grilled sandwiches, etc. Jungle party games could include a competition among the children about imitating their favourite character, best dressed Lion King character, etc.

Magic Party

Kids are enthralled by magic, and would love a party based on this theme. One can hire a local magician for a few hours to entertain the children. One can get highly creative with the invitations, use magic pens to change colour, make a puzzle out of the invitation, make the invitation in shape of rabbit or a hat. Decorate the place with balloons, streamers, confetti, etc. Party food can include a variety of snacks, finger foods, or small meals. Get the hired magician, or you could do it if you know a few magic tricks, to involve children in games like building a cards castle, guessing games, twister, etc.

Slumber Party

A slumber party is the most cherished childhood memory people love to reminiscence about. Give your kids a memory they will cherish forever. Send out invitations with moon and star stickers on them. Make sure you add in a request for kids to carry their own sleeping bags and toiletries. Clear a room and put all sleeping bags together, make it a movie night, dance night, or have lots of party games. If you plan to make it a dinner night, be done with it early and keep it light, else make sure the kids have lot of healthy non-fried snacks. A warm glass of hot chocolate milk will add the yum factor to the slumber party.

One important aspect to keep in mind while arranging a party for kids is to keep it short and simple. Kids get bored with an activity that gets prolonged and doesn’t sound like fun. Organizing party themes for kids is quite easy, if you just let your imagination flow.