Wedding Venues

Wedding Venue

Stonehaven on Vaal is a unique and charming garden estate set right on the exclusive banks of the Vaal River, with over 1000 rose bushes, quaint gardens and a very special ambience.

There are a number of Venues to choose from, including Cruisers, each pertinent to different sized weddings and places the Ceremony can be held. The numbers below have taken into account a separate long Bridal Table, Cake Table and Present Table. Layouts will affect numbers either up or down.

Wedding Reception Venues – the available venues for weddings are:

  1. Wine Cellar
  2. The Terraces
  3. Boat House Terrace
  4. River Terrace
  5. Pool Terrace
  6. Fountain Terrace
  • The River Terrace: R15,700
  • Seated at Round Tables: 100 (with dancing), 200 (without)
  • Cocktail : 220
  • The Spirit of Jen Cruiser: for pricing see below
  • 80 (with dancing) 120 (without)
  • 200 see below
  • The Terraces: R13,700
  • 80 (with dancing) 100 (without)
  • 200
  • The Pool Terrace: R7,500
  • 40 (with dancing) 50 (without)
  • 70
  • The Boat House Terrace: R3,120
  • 20 (with dancing) 40 (without)
  • 50
  • The Royal Stonehaven Cruiser : for pricing see below
  • 20 (with dancing) 26 (without)
  • 50
  • Thyme with Rosemary : R3,120
  • 20 (with dancing on first floor)
  • 30
  • The Wine Cellar : R3,120
  • 20 (with dancing) 30 (without)
  • 40

Wedding Ceremony Venues – Each of the following have an additional charge of R3,350

  1. Chapel on the lawn: seats 200 guests
  2. Under the big Syringa Tree next to Pond: seats 40 guests
  3. Chapel next to Boat House: seats 200 guests
  4. The Terraces: seats 120 guests
  5. Boat House Terrace: seats 50 guests
  6. Spirit of Jen Patio: seats 150 guests
  7. Pool Terrace Lawns: seats 200 guests
  8. Spirit of Jen Top Deck: seats 140 guests
  9. Thyme with Rosemary private gardens: seats 100 guests
  10. Royal Stonehaven: seats 26 guests

Weddings aboard our Luxury Cruisers

Morning Wedding Package – Boats available from 08:00 to 12:00 – 3 Hour Cruise
The Spirit of Jen: Minimum 40 people, R265 per person, R3750 per additional hour
The Royal Stonehaven: Minimum 15 people, R245 per person, R2150 per additional hour

Afternoon Wedding Package – Boats available from 15:00 to 24:00 – 3 Hour Cruise
The Spirit of Jen: Minimum 40 people, R265 per person, R3750 per additional hour
The Royal Stonehaven: Minimum 15 people, R245 per person, R2150 per additional hour

All Day Wedding Package – Boats available from 08:00 to 24:00 – 6 Hour Cruise
The Spirit of Jen: Minimum 40 people, R530 per person, R3750 per additional hour
The Royal Stonehaven: Minimum 15 people, R490 per person, R2150 per additional hour

Customised Wedding Package
The Spirit of Jen: 1hr Cruise R150 p/p, 2hr Cruise R225 p/p, 3hr Cruise: R265 p/p, Minimum 40 people, R3750 per additional hour

The Royal Stonehaven: 1hr Cruise: R135 p/p 2hr Cruise: R199 p/p 3hr Cruise: R245 p/p, Minimum 15 people R2150 per additional hour

Wedding Menus start at R232.40.

Our Executive Chef is amenable to change menus to your particular requirements. Please let him know what changes you would like to make and he will see if he can accommodate your requests and price the new menu accordingly.

Optional Extras

  • Arrival of the Bride By Cruiser to your land Venue or to a larger Cruiser:- R1,575.
  • Arrival by XF silver Jaguar – R800
  • Loft Suite – Either for the Bride to get dressed in or for the Wedding Night. It includes a complimentary bottle of Bubbly and Chocolates: – R1050 per night.

Included in your Wedding Venue and Ceremony at Stonehaven on Vaal

  • All furniture, including white Tiffany chairs for your Reception and white wimbledon for your Ceremony.
  • All white crockery, cutlery, glassware and white linen.
  • White material starched serviettes and / or/both paper coloured serviettes of your choice.
  • Diamante napkin rings or ribbons.
  • Draping at your Venue and Ceremony area.
  • Feature draping of romantic props near and around your venue, eg bridge and garden ornaments.
  • Introduction of a colour scheme of your choice in overlays if you so wish. If we are unable to source your colour scheme we will advise you of such.
  • Red Carpets to your Venue and your Chapel or Cruiser.
  • Personalised dedicated Staff to your Function and Bar.
  • Personalised directional signs, honouring and congratulation signs.
  • Personalised Menus on the tables. You are welcome to provide us with a photo you would like included in the Menus.
  • Wedding Coasters for each guest which there is a place thereon for your guests to write personalised messages which you can always keep as a special Wedding Keep-Sake.
  • A fun selection of wedding novelty props for you to make your wedding even more special.
  • Silver under plates.
  • Table numbers.
  • Easel for Table Seating Poster.
  • Dressed Buffet, Cake and Present Tables.
  • PA System for speeches and announcements.
  • Background Music System.

Making a booking:

A deposit equal to the Venue Fee is required when you finalise the date and request us to reserve that date for your Special Day. Once the deposit is paid, we will not accept another Function for your date and venue and therefore the deposit is not refundable, since we will be turning other requests away for that venue and date – as such it is a commitment by both parties. Fifty percent of the food bill is required 4 weeks prior to the wedding and the full payment of the reception and all costs involved is required two weeks prior to the wedding and these payments are also not refundable if the wedding is cancelled within those weeks. Cheques are not accepted. Like all other businesses, we also have inflation related price increases. Weddings are often booked a year or longer in advance. So the prices you view today, might have gone up by the date of your actual wedding. Please keep in contact with us to see if there has been a price increase.

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With our very best wishes for a marvellous wedding!

Prices subject to change without notice.

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