Join us on a relaxing birding cruise on the Vaal River and up to Taaibosspruit on a private chartered cruiser.

The Private *Birding Charter includes the use of a luxurious cruiser for 3 hours, coffee, tea and tasty snacks.
A fully stocked bar (cash, tab, limited or specified bar) is also available. * Min 6 passengers required. Contact us for pricing.


Regularly spotted on a 3 hour Birding Cruise:

Apalis Bar- Throated
Barbet Crested
Bee-Eater European
Bishop Southern Red
Bishop Yellow Crowned
Bittern Little
Bulbul African Red Eyed
Bulbul Dark Capped
Canary Black Throated
Canary Yellow
Cisticola Cloud
Cisticola Levaillant’s
Cisticola Wing Snapping (Ayre’s)
Cisticola Zitting
Coot Red Knobbed
Cormorant Reed
Cormorant White Breasted
Coucal Burchell’s
Crake Black
Cuckoo Diderick
Darter African
Dove Cape Turtle
Dove Laughing
Dove Red Eyed
Duck White Faced
Duck Yellow Billed
Egret Cattle
Egret Little
Egret Great White
Falcon Amur
Finch Red Headed
Fiscal Common
Flycatcher African Paradise
Flycatcher Fiscal
Flycatcher Spotted
Francolin Orange River
Goose Egyptian
Goose Spur Winged
Gull Grey Headed
Heron Black
Heron Black Headed
Heron Goliath
Heron Green Backed
Heron Grey
Heron Purple
Heron Squacco
Ibis African Sacred
Ibis Glossy
Ibis Hadeda
Kingfisher Giant
Kingfisher Malachite
Kingfisher Pied
Kite Black Shouldered
Korhaan Northern Black
Lapwing African Wattled
Lapwing Blacksmith
Lapwing Crowned
Lark Rufous Naped
Longclaw Cape
Martin Banded
Martin Brown Throated
Moorhen Common
Mousebird Red Faced
Mousebird Speckled
Mousebird White Backed
Myna Common
Pipit African (Grassveld)
Prinia Black Chested
Prinia Tawny Flanked
Pytilla Green Winged
Robin Chat Cape
Shelduck South African
Shoveler Cape
Snipe African (Ethiopian)
Sparrow Cape
Sparrow House
Sparrow Southern Grey Headed
Sparrow Weaver White Browed
Spurfowl Swainson’s
Starling Cape Glossy
Starling Wattled
Stonechat African
Swallow Barn
Swallow Greater Striped
Swallow South African Cliff
Swallow White Throated
Swamphen African Purple
Swift African Palm
Swift Little
Swift White Rumped
Teal Red Billed
Tern Caspian
Tern Whiskered
Tern White Winged
Thrush Karoo
Tit Babbler Chestnut Vented
Wagtail Cape
Warbler African Reed
Warbler Great Reed
Warbler Lesser Swamp
Waxbill Common
Weaver Southern Masked
Weaver Thick Billed
White Eye Cape
White Eye Orange River
Whydah Pin Tailed
Widowbird Long Tailed
Widowbird White Winged
2021 Vaal River Bird Count

Vaal Bird Club winter CWAC on the Vaal River August 2018


At 06h30 on Saturday 18 August 2018 twenty-four enthusiastic birders met at Stonehaven-on-Vaal for the Vaal Bird Club’s bi-annual coordinated water bird count (CWAC). After a few days of warmer weather, it turned out to be a very cold and extremely windy morning. Three boats and skippers from Stonehaven-on-Vaal were used to count the water birds on the Vaal River, from the Barrage to the Taaibosspruit, including the Taaibosspruit.

The total number of water birds counted was 1708, this count was 367 more than last year’s winter count. The species count was forty different species including two new species for the river system, namely Little Stint and African Jacana (both seen on the Taaibosspruit). A noteworthy sighting was a flock of sixty Greater Flamingos flying from West to East along the river, as well as thirty-five Greater Flamingos seen flying over the Taaibosspruit.

The data gathered during a CWAC is sent through to the ADU (Animal Demographic Unit) at the University of Cape Town and is used for much needed water bird conservation around the world.

The Vaal Bird Club would like to thank Stonehaven-on-Vaal as the water bird counts on the Vaal River are fully sponsored by them.

The Vaal Bird Club meets monthly on the second Monday of the month at 19h00 at the Old Mutual Building on the corner of Frikkie Meyer Boulevard and Barrage Road.  We welcome visitors and new members.


14 August 2018

Dear fellow birders,

I attach the program planned for the rest of 2018. If changes occur, I will let you know.

Hope to see you at the club meeting coming Monday (13 August 2018) at 19h00 at the Old Mutual Building on the corner of Barrage Road and Frikkie Meyer Boulevard in Vanderbijlpark. Guests are welcome, the cost being R25 per person.

If you want to participate in the CWAC on Saturday 18 August 2018, and your name is not yet on the list, let Cliff know ( or cell no 083 304 5797). We have to meet at Stonehaven on Vaal at 06h30.

Friendly regards,

Rina 082 626 6990