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5 Reasons why your Facebook page isn’t working for you

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Is your Facebook Page REALLY producing the results you want? In fact, is it even worth having a Facebook page?

The answer may surprise you….

A few years ago a Facebook Page was hailed as the holy grail of ‘free’ advertising methods.

In fact, in South Africa alone there are over 2.2 million people that are admins on Facebook pages.


Because they all want more.

More brand awareness
More visibility
More leads
More sales, and ultimately….
…. more cash

Sadly, very few people who have a Facebook Pages produce ANY meaningful business results.

Here are five reasons why:

1. Organic content is dead

Like it or not, but ‘organic’ posts are seen by only 2% - 4% of people who liked a company’s page.

This means if you have 1 000 likes on your page, only 20 to 40 people who liked your page will even SEE your post. Yikes!

2. Wrong ‘likes’

To make the above even worse, we find that most entrepreneurs have the wrong ‘likes’ on their pages.

Contrary to popular wisdom, things like competitions, quizzes and sweepstakes are almost guaranteed to get the wrong people to like your page!

You want likes from hot, ready to buy prospects whom have a burning need for your product NOW (and a bit later I will tell you how you can find out how to build quality audiences).

3. No offer

When people are on Facebook they have the attention span of goldfish!

If you don’t make a smoking hot offer that people want NOW, they simply won’t respond to any of your posts, other than like or share them with their friends.

The truth is, to succeed with any kind of online marketing, you need to know how to craft a compelling offer that will get your followers to ACT (I will teach you how to do this also).

4. No strategy

To succeed with Facebook marketing you need a strategy. A plan.

Random posts simply won’t cut it.

There needs to be logic to your marketing.

What do you want a reader to do after seeing your post? 
What actions do you want them to take? 
What will happen after they take action?

5. No ads!

Now this one is going to sound weird, but the biggest reason why most Facebook Page admins never make any real money, is because they don’t run paid ads.

The little known secret about Facebook is that their advertising features are superior to virtually any other online marketing medium.

IF you know what you are doing, you can produce spectacular results in business!


Source: https://www.facebook.com/NielMalanLive