The river water quality is frequently tested within the Vaal River Reservoir, by Rand Water.  Ten various points are tested from Suikerbosrant (Vereeniging area all the way down past Stonehaven, to the Barrage (just past Loch Vaal) along the stretch of + 56km of river.

Stonehaven is position at Rand Water’s “point 6” – see below.  In summer you can view weekly updates and in winter the water quality updates are done every two weeks.  You can access this report directly on – a website hosted by Rand Water.  Go to the homepage and scroll down to the bottom of the page and under “Weekly Barrage Reservoir Water Quality Reports” you can click on the most recent report and the weeks prior to this too.

For your convenience we list the latest report here.

The first category in orange/beige is the E.coli count (this is regarded by many as the category of most interest).

Under the “Guideline” you will see it tells you how to interpret / judge the figures provided, if you ingest (swallow/drink) the water in the river.

You will note that the quality of water in the Stonehaven region is always one of the best qualities within the Vaal River Barrage.  The problem areas are in Vereeniging where the Klip River enters the Vaal River and in Loch Vaal where the Rietspruit enters the Loch.